10 inspiration gifts for cancer patients


Cancer patients just like other human beings, deserve a chance to live a life free from grief. The news that one has cancer should not condemn them to an early grave but instead should provide them with a second chance to live life. Gifts full of sentimental messages play a huge role at rekindling the patients as well as motivator to live an even better life.  And did you know that even though quite rare, one in every 1,000 men is diagnosed with breast cancer? More on that here.  Gifts aren’t just great at showing compassion; they will be a source of inspiration and comfort throughout.

  1. Comfort candle gifts (gifts for cancer patients undergoing radiation)

Comforting candle are unique in their own way and serves the core function to the nursing patient by providing some basis for hope, satisfaction, feeling of care and reduces the dullness that comes about from the illness. Despite possessing the traits of any other normal candle, comfort candles have other attractive features. These features include among others, a handler of the terra cotta type with lids made of copper, glamorous glass accessories that contain etched design in a sequin embedment, a sentimental quote or statement scripted on its face and pleasing wax candles.

The packaging to these comfort candles is usually beautiful and eye-catching so as to provide a pleasing first-time impression to the receiving cancer patient and provide a sense of hope that in this world despite all the suffering he or she is undergoing, something positive can show up.

The sentimental quotes provide for the crucial, satisfying and comforting message that the patient should get.  For example, a comforting candle could read, ‘adapt the situation and let it know you are its superior’. Such a quote encourages the patient to appreciate the suffering he or she is facing and acknowledge it as a rite of passage for any human being because everyone will one day die.

  1. Sterling silver and cross charm pendant necklace with a flash of gold

This is a necklace gift that is elegant and can be put by a person in their day-to-day lives as a source of inspiration or even elegance. It can be worn for numerous occasions ranging from workplaces, churches, collages and even a fashion accessory at times. It is made of Sterling silver which is pure silver combined with a little copper so as to improve its toughness while retaining its luxurious and glittering look that comes from silver.

A cross is inscribed in the circular pendant necklace and acts as a symbol of hope and faith in the Christian faith. The cross assures the cancer patient that the Lord is watching over them at all times and that he sent his beloved son to suffer and die on earth just like the cancer patient suffers. Whenever the cancer patient dons in this necklace he or she will be sending a statement in symbolic terms to his fellow ailing patient of hope that there is another life after death and that that life is a better one with few or no struggles.

The necklace often has an engraved message such as, ‘Faith, Hope Love’. Such a message reinforces the belief the sender of the gift and the patient purport to send and receive respectively.

  1. Ivory mug with “hope” verse

This is a tea or coffee mug that is carefully designed to bring out wonderful details that include dots trailed all-round the rim of the mug whose purpose is to provide that visual effect of a pattern in our lives. A pattern which rounds about, birth, naming celebrations, adolescence, initiation to adulthood, marriage and later on death. The mug has been reviewed and described as ‘a heavy mug that keeps coffee warm’. The description well aligns with the magnitude that the life of any human being has despite their health status and that the any human being is priceless.

Another feature of this mug is its interior which has a glassy look and feel. This particular look assures the cancer patient that the person sending the gift feels that the patient still possesses warmth and has some value in them despite the cancer illness. The exterior has a “HOPE” engraving to the front. The back of the mug is a message from the bible that provides hope for others to see when he or she is taking coffee or tea. The mug therefore is a source of inspiration for the receiving cancer patient and fellow friends to the patient.

  1. The LANG ceramic coffee mug with sunflower art (gift baskets for cancer patients)

This is a coffee mug that is majorly associated with brightening up the moods of the users or the recipient of the gift. The coffee mug has an amazing artwork of sunflowers which are conspicuously grinning. This spectacular artwork opens up a bright start to a day especially when the cup is used for taking morning breakfast. If used for breakfasts, it will be inevitable and therefore will consistently brighten up a cancer patient’s day.

As a gift, this mug makes the cancer patient aware that there is someone that wants to brighten up him or her. Sunflowers are prestigious flowers from a prestigious plant which are always associated with care and value. Therefore, placement of sunflowers on the mug shows the patient that his or her life is worth celebration and to other people his ill health does not hinder them from playing part in celebrating his or her life.

Alongside the sunflower is an engraving of inspirational quote which could read, “put your face up towards the bright stars”. Such a quote reinforces the attempt to encourage the cancer patient to always look forwards and have some hope that there is a bright future ahead.

  1. The Knock Knock made “I wish for you” journals (gifts for chemo patients)

This is a small hardcover gift journal or booklet which contains blanks that should be filled by the sender of the gift with own message to a cancer patient. These blanks should be filled with warm, heartfelt and sentimental message that is supposed to brighten up a cancer patient’s life and rekindle their fading dreams.

The main benefit that comes from deciding to choose this kind of a gift is the fact that the message is customable. The sender of the gift can send a unique message one which he or she thinks will best and effectively provide sentiments, comfort and a sense of belonging to the cancer patient.

The booklet plays the function of a deep emotional sentimental letter, which remains treasured and graved in the patient’s heart. It also gives the hopeful recipient an explanation for a reason to live and not to give up on living an energetic life. It encourages the cancer patient to reach out to friends and even share such heartfelt messages with fellow ailing friends. The Knock Knock series of these sentimental journals make the passage of the sentiments easy since it guides on what to write through the filling of blank spaces.

  1. Woodstock chimes

These refer to a collection of anodized aluminum tubes fixed an ash wood hanger a combination of natural and manmade stones. Woodstock chimes produces an amazing and lovely toned sound once wind picks up and blows on them. This tones are cool and relaxing to listen to and makes an otherwise dull atmosphere of any cancer patient bright and jovial. The chimes provide a positive energy to the lives of cancer patient since it becomes a source of fulfilment to the soul and mind.

The chimes eliminate the monotony of silence or soundless silence which is usually boring. The accessory which is carefully tuned and crafted by musicians also brings about the sense of value attached to the cancer patient. It makes the patient feel appreciated by others to the point that they went an extra mile of designing an instrument for their sake. The Woodstock chimes are also visually attractive and play a huge role in promoting the aesthetics of the room or houses.

Woodstock chimes complement the finishes of a home and are a pleasing feature to look at as well as listen to. The good thing with these chimes is the fact that the tones can be varied depending on the liking of the patient. This can be done either using computerized programs or mechanically. Any cancer patient would appreciate such a piece of artwork as a gift.

  1. Bestl home hanging wall artwork.

This a wall décor designed to fit perfectly as a wall finish when hang on a wall. It is artistically designed to serve a decorative purpose as well as a means of communicating to the users of a room. The piece of art can be hang on walls of any kind of a room be it the dining room, lounge, sitting room, bedroom or even the study room.

The inscriptions on the wall décor are motivational quotes such as, “Life directs us to unheard-of places but love takes us home”. Such a message plays a very important part in encouraging a cancer patient that there is in the home love always binds them, regardless of the suffering some of the members of the families suffer. The wall décor is conspicuous and catches the eyes whenever the cancer patient visits a room and for that purpose, it always reassures him or her of love and care he or she receives from the family and society at large.

Wall décors from Bestl are designed by a well renowned motivator and inspiration hub, Marla Rae. They are usually modern products that are elegant and exhibit high quality craftsmanship evident from the slick fonts and woody appearance.

  1. Kate Posh

This is an elegant, high quality, clear Lucite which has edges that are beveled delicately. It engraved with an inspirational statement which could read, “keep in mind that you are stronger than you think, braver than you seem, wiser than you think and even treasured more than you know”. Such a sentiment reminds cancer patients that they are always better than what they think. It encourages the patients to trust that they can do more than they are doing and that the health status is not a limit to their potential and neither is it a death sentence.

The message is usually engraved on the Lucite using laser beams and not ink therefore they carry with them some uniqueness which would make the cancer patient feel valued and also unique as a person. Normally the gift comes in a beautiful gift box package that pleases the eye on the first glance. For this purpose, the gift is assured to get a warm reception by the cancer patient and gratitude shared instantly. The wrappings and paperwork are crafted using hands by artisans and this feature brings with it a natural and artistic labor that always makes the recipient feel important in the society.

  1. LParkin pendant necklace with birthstone motivation jewelry.(gifts for terminal cancer patients)

This is a necklace comprising of uniquely designed components that include a stainless steel chain that extends to a length of up to 20 inches, one or two charms that express a sentimental statement and often a stone alongside the charms on the chain. All of the characteristic features of this necklace play a particular role especially when the necklace is settled upon to be a cancer patient gift.

The inscription in the charms provides the message the buyer of the gift intends to pass to the ailing patient which in our case would read, “she believed she could so she did.” Such an inspiring statement emphasizes on the significance of having hope and believing that you have the potential to do something great and out of the ordinary. The stainless steel chain is comfortable to wear and brings out the elegance of the necklace and for that purpose it makes the ailing patient feel proud to wear it as it makes him or her elegant.

The stone pebble that also hangs by the charm in the chain is beautiful and tries to quantify value into a tangible and visible object. The cancer patient feels warmth whenever he or she holds and takes a look at the stone and he or she has something to hold on to in this world despite all the struggles.

  1. Bassion 2 pieces of stainless steel inspirational necklace

This is a tailor-made jewelry often made for women as a source of empowerment. The necklaces often come in pairs so that the inspiration can be shared between two people and bind the two together. They are a symbol of strength, beauty and power of a woman or a vulnerable member of the society. The pendant is made of stainless steel chain which is a durable material, does not fade and does not cause allergic reactions to the person wearing it.

This necklace wear is a perfect gift to a cancer patient and the inspiration message on the pendant plays the largest role of motivating the ailing cancer patient. It is in a more conspicuous font than the other inspirational necklace and for this purpose it provides a more direct message to the cancer patient. The direct wording reminds the cancer patient that there is no need of complicating his or her life and instead he or she should live a relatively simple life. It is also cheap to acquire because of its low pricing. For this reason, one can easily purchase the Baission stainless steel pendant necklace and send or deliver it to the cancer patient without incurring so much cost while the gift still serving same inspiration and motivation sentiment that other extravagant gifts possess.

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