11 best graduation gifts for your boyfriend (+4 romantic places you should visit on his big day))


Graduation is a very important and energizing phase of a graduate. It is the door to a whole wide world of opportunities. It is the end result of a long journey of hard work and self-discipline and deserves to be celebrated. As a girlfriend, the least thing your boyfriend expects from you is a show of how much you appreciate his efforts. This can be expressed directly using a gift during his graduation.

Girls take time thinking of what to give a guy on graduation day. There are numerous varieties of gifts you can get your boyfriend depending on how much money you have or how much you are willing to sacrifice for him. There are gifts worth as cheap as below 30 dollars! One the other side of the coin, there are gifts as expensive as above 100 dollars and those in between these categories. So what exactly can you get your boyfriend with your budget? Well, let’s find out!


1. A pair of Running shoes

Keeping your body in good shape has both health and concentration advantages. Getting your boyfriend a pair of running shoes as a graduation gift will make his feet comfortable when exercising. Running shoes are light making his feet flexible and reduce the bulk of the body when exercising.

Having the wrong type of shoes will cause massive pain in the leg bone after exercising. Running shoes also reduce the risk of acquiring blister and other pains that can occur as a result of exercising. Blisters are caused as a result of rubbing your feet against the wrong type of shoes.

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2. Programmable pressure cooker

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Research says that the best true way to save money on food is to cook at your home instead of eating at hotels. However, cooking on its own can become time wasting especially if you have reading to do, research work to complete. So how do we meet both of these facts to a consensus? By using a programmable pressure cooker. This will be a perfect gift for your busy graduating boyfriend.

Making use of the pressure cooker is quite efficient in saving energy as it cooks much faster making him save money and time. A pressure cooker will keep him in great health as food cooks well reducing the risk of gout from meat not well cooked among other complications.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones (Thoughtful college graduation gifts for him)

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Lack of concentration due to noise may affect your boyfriend’s studies. If he resides outside the school, there are many chances of his dealings being interfered with noise for example when travelling in trains and a commuter bus. This may also cause a migraine. Noise cancelling headphones is just what he has been missing.

These headphones have been designed with a unique ability to deal with unwanted sounds from the environment, a feature known as active noise reduction (ANR) or rather known as noise cancellation. You can also use them to listen to music. These headphones block external noise from reaching your inner ears without the need of you to add the volume of your music to counter the noise. This means that you can still maintain and enjoy your low volumes of music without hearing external noise.

  1. Coffee Gator or Kettle

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Coffee is a great stimulant especially for people who intend to stay alert for the rest of the day or during the late hours of the night. Apart from energy boost, coffee has certain health benefits such as reducing type two diabetes, liver cancer and liver diseases. Graduates are definitely in this category.

Having his own coffee kettle will enable your boyfriend save on money he would have spent visiting coffee shops. He could also use it to make a lot of coffee enough for him and his friends during a house warming party. A coffee maker saves on time you would have used to prepare the coffee manually. By a press of a button and boom, your instant coffee is ready.

  1. Chef’s Knife

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Men tend to be quite impatient in the kitchen. So what happens when your boyfriend uses a blunt knife in the kitchen? He would end up wasting a lot of time in preparation of a mean. He would use more force increasing his chances of chopping of his finger. Well, instead of imagining the outcome, why not get him a chef’s knife.

It is specifically designed for kitchen activities such as chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing. It is sharp enough therefore will save a considerable amount of time he would have used cutting a mango using a blunt knife. It also has a comfortable feel in the hands hence it will not roughen up his palms. A chef’s knife is easier to sharpen than other types of knives.

You can get your brother a chef’s knife for your brother too

  1. A Military Wrist Watch

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Acquiring a wrist watch for your boyfriend is the only real way to make him manage his time properly. Wrist watches have however evolved from being just used for managing time.  A wrist watch is now a great accessory. It will enhance the appearance and style of your boyfriend. He can use it to match with his outfit and look great for an interview. A military watch could be a great gift for a pilot too

Just so you know, watches are considered the only kind of jewelry a man can put on without looking feminine. (We have a post suggesting gifts for girls too). A wrist watch is also convenient over phones as it quicker to access. You just need to turn your wrist and view the time unlike fishing out your phone from deep down in your pocket. He could also use it in places where it is almost impossible to carry a phone for example when jogging in the early mornings to maintain shape.

  1. A Bed sheet Set (graduation gifts for his master’s degree)

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Your boyfriend may need a new pair of sheets to protect his mattress from getting dirty. A good set of sheets make the bed welcoming to visitors. They also enable him enjoy a comfortable night and get a good sleep so as to wake up fresh and face his days with confidence.

Sheets come in handy during the hot season as he can use them to cover himself since they are light. Ensure that you select the correct size of sheets that accord with the size of his bed. He can also tag them along during camping or a trip.

  1. Electric pressure cooker

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A pressure cooker is capable of cooking almost everything. It cooks food in very few minutes including the tough meals. This will aid in saving a lot of time that he would have spent waiting for tough meat to become tender. Besides this, tough meat tends to be cheaper. Since he will be having an electric cooker, he wouldn’t have to purchase the expensive soft meat making him save a coin or two.

It also saves a lot of energy required in cooking as it uses far less energy. Your boyfriend would not have to pay high bills of electricity. He will also have the freedom of cooking whatever pleases him and whenever. Cooking your own meals is also much healthier than visiting restaurants.

  1. Daily Planner (a perfect graduation gift idea for my boyfriend)

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Keeping time and a record of what you intend to do is quite a difficult thing even for the most focused people in the world. A daily planner will enable your boyfriend have a list of what he intends to do for the day. It also enables you prioritize your responsibilities basing on urgency or importance. This will ensure that he does not lose track of the time you were to do a certain task.

A planner also will increase his productivity levels. This is because it will give him dedication towards the duties he is required to do. Having a glance at what he has not finished in his things-to-do list will compel him to stop wasting time. The feeling of putting a tick on whatever he has accomplished will make him feel progress in what he has done. Your daughter might need a daily planner too


10. A fountain pen

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A graduated boyfriend is definitely going to be involved in a lot of signing of documents for the school including his graduation certificate. So, why not get him a fountain pen? On applying different pressures and angles on the fountain pen, you can acquire different widths of the letters you are writing creating style and class. They are refillable, as a result, you can use a single pen for a very long time.

Your boyfriend can now take more notes with ease using your precious gift. He could use it to also highlight important stuff or paragraph in a book just like a highlighter does. Having a pen in his hand could come in handy in keeping him awake during a lecture. He could juggle or flip it around keeping him alert.

11. An insulated coffee mug

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This is definitely a good choice of gift for your boyfriend. He could carry in it coffee, water or any beverages when going to the library for the late hour reading to keep him awake. Talk about travelling from place to place or camping, a travel mug will just keep him hydrated enough for the various occasions he might engage in. Unlike other cups, a travel mug has very limited chances of spilling coffee on his shirt.

The mug will also ensure that he does not waste a lot of time preparing coffee every time. He could prepare about four servings and store them in the travel mug depending on the size of the mug. The mug will ensure that the temperature of the drink is preserved. A travel mug is insulated therefore whether the drink is cold, warm or hot, the temperatures will remain the same when you need to take a sip of your drink.

What can I do with boyfriend during his graduation?

Congratulations messages from you to him: People find delight in others appreciating their input to a certain course. Studying for example has a lot of challenges. A congratulations message would plaster a big smile on your boyfriend’s face. Congratulation messages should express your best wishes and intentions towards their years after education. A written note would be a souvenir of the day he graduated and how much you contributed to his smile in that day. Ensure you use the correct choice of words in your message to outlay your heart desires perfectly to him.

Have a picnic: A graduation is a time to interact with your boyfriend. Think of it as an opportunity to get to know him better. You can decide to carry a mat with a home cooked meal or from some good restaurant to a wild park full on nature and let him breathe the life outside. He probably must have been stuffed up by all the smell of old books and paper in the library or archives. You may as well decide to take a walk in the park as you talk with him of the plans you have for him. It is important he gets to feel how freedom once again tasted like. AT the end of it you can take part in this lover’s quiz

Go to the movies: This is also a way of letting him blow off the steam of education. This can be either in his room or at the theater. Be sure to carry some snacks too. Have him engage in activities like dancing and acting. The feeling of being young and dumb relieves stress by a big fraction.

Hold a graduation party with friends: A party might be the second best way of letting his friends know that he graduated apart from the graduation itself. This would be a moment for him to interact with the people who enabled him meet his dreams. It is also a good opportunity for you to know his friends and have a word with them. Ensure you choose the perfect them for the party in accordance with the level of education he is graduating with. Is he anxious? These gifts will help alleviate anxiety




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