13 Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Sister and What to write on graduation card


Graduation is an important face of life for your sister. It is that moment in her life where she crosses over form one path to another due to her hard work. It is not an easy task and therefore appreciations to her surely best fits the occasion.

There are a wide range of gifts to choose from in the market. I have selected the ones that best suit the occasion with any budget you have in mind.

  1. A Laser Printer

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Pursuing a further level of education surely means more research and thesis writing and printing. This tends to be expensive in the long run. Why not get your son or sister her own printer. With this, she could be printing her work with ease and in bulk without having to worry of opening her purse to get some cash out to pay at the cyber. This will reduce time wastage as it will be in her own hands to do the printing.

In addition to this, it will be beneficial to her health to read printed work rather than from a laptop to prevent eye sight damage.

  1. Buy her a laptop computer

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Graduation is just but a point in a graduate’s life. She may want to pursue further studies, look for a job or keep her documents safe. Be a great sibling and get her a laptop. Here, she could use it for online job applications, storing of documents or as a mode of communication using social media such as Skype.

A laptop is also portable meaning she can do her research work from wherever she is. A laptop has high storage compared to a mobile phone meaning she will be able to store all her music, movies and documents she requires for a day.


  1. A Unisex Wrist Watch

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Time is a vital part of anyone’s life. Proper keeping of time will ensure that your schedule is not overwhelming. A unisex watch will just serve your sister right. She will be able to keep track of the time along with her activities while looking classy.

A watch also puts to bay the struggle a lady has to pass through to search deep down in her handbag to acquire her phone just to check the time. A wrist watch also has a long lasting battery due to its simple nature as compared to other gadgets such as phones. This makes it a reliable source of checking the time.

  1. Get her a Pair of Stainless Steel stud earrings

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Is there going to be an after party after the graduation? Then get her a pair of these affordable earrings. They work perfectly with any kind of outfit making her look classy and elegance. They can be used in any occasion whether a formal one or a causal one. She could play around with the number of studs she puts on (one could where more than one set), the color and style of these earrings to portray her look.

They are rather simple making them viable for choice during rush occasions. When selecting the best type for her, go for comfort features.

  1. College graduation ideas for daughter (Stuffed toys)

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A young graduating sister obsessed with animals and toys will definitely appreciate a stuffed toy as a graduating gift. These toys are so cute and adorable offering her with companionship when reading or watching a terrific movie.

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They are also soft and could be used as a pillow when sleeping. Apart from these benefits, she could also use this toy as a stress relieving friend. She could give her toy a hug to get over a dramatic or traumatizing day she has experienced. People also talk to these toys. They obviously don’t respond. However, they act as imaginary diaries for her secrets.

  1. College graduation gift for niece (An address book)

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When your nephew loses his phone or is attacked by some virus that erases everything in his PC, it can get quite tough to reach out to family members or any other emergency contact especially those whom he has not crammed their dresses. In this post, we’ve made gift picks for girls.

An address book is an ideal tool to store his family members’ contacts as back up. It is organized in such a way that you could write their telephone numbers, house addresses, fax and even email. It is small and may be carried around in his pocket just in case of an emergency.

  1. Shoulder bags/ hand bag

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Being a lady in itself includes carrying around a lot of things that you may require in a day. These may include personal effects, notebooks, medications and make ups. Carrying these things around surely requires a handbag. Here, she could organizer her stuff and ensures she leads a more orderly life.

On top of that, handbags also add a touch of elegance and style that add a plus to her outfit raising her confidence levels. A good handbag should be durable, affordable and classy. They come in a variety color to ensure that you pick the right color for your sister.

  1. Graduation gift for 40 year old sister(Sticky Notes)

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Getting old comes with very many impacts such as forgetting regularly what you were to do. Sticky notes are definitely the best gift for a 40 year old sister. She could use it to attach to the fridge some info for example when she is out of stock or stick it in her study room to remind her of the topics she were to cover and also to write summary notes.

She could also use them to label her groceries and ingredients in the kitchen to avoid confusion of spices. She could stick it in her door to inform an expected visitor of her absence.

  1. MBA graduation gift (Pearl Stud Earrings)

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Elegance is definitely an ingredient in the many needs used to brew a classy woman. Pearl stud earrings have everything a woman may be looking for in an earring. This is majorly because they blend in with almost all types of skin tones and match out perfectly with any outfit. They fit perfectly to any occasion whether casual or professional.

These earrings are available in all manners of shapes and color making them viable for any choice that attract your eyes. They are also friendly to use with other types or jewelry she may be possessing including watches and neck pieces.

  1. A Sculpted figure

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Sometimes it hard to make your sibling understand just how much you love her. Getting her a sculptured figure will wipe of all her doubts of your love for her. They are engraved with messages communicating to her just how much she means to you.  These messages are usually in form of symbols, postures and gestures.

They can be customized so that you pick the specific words you want written or you can purchase the ones already written. Apart from representing love, they may be used to give hope and courage to your sister or even to appreciate and congratulate her for making you proud.

  1. College graduation gifts (Her own laptop bag)

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Laptop bags are just more than carriers, they are a show of style! Ladies match them with their outfits to make good their shapes, colors and sizes. A good laptop bag should act as a shock absorber for your sister’s laptop to ensure that it does nor scratch or have indents in case of an accident.

It also keeps dust and thieves from reaching out for her laptop. No one really knows what she is carrying when she has the laptop bag in her back. Besides just carrying the laptop, the bag has compartments that she could use to carry other accessories she may need such as mobile phones and power banks.

  1. Graduation gift ideas for friends (A handbag or purse organizer)

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Ladies carry around a lot of stuff they require for a day. These include food stuff, beauty cosmetics, medication and accessory. This makes their bags a total mess making it really hard for her to reach something she needs fast. A purse organizer is a great gift for your friend or sister.

With this, she could sort out the different things she has in her bag and out them in separate compartments of the purse organizer. This will ease the reach of an accessory or cosmetic when in need saving on time. This gift will also reduce chances of food contamination by chemicals.

  1. A Jewelry box

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Jewelry surely makes her look pretty, right? But have you ever thought that that earring you purchased her could be a threat to her toe? Yes it can. Get her a jewelry box today and wipe all the blazes of theft, injuries and damages that may come with a nice jewelry.

These jewelry boxes have many compartments that may be used to store jewelry basing on whatever criteria she chooses to use; whether on where she wears them or their color. This will really help in getting her room neat and organized for easy access and convenience. These boxes can also add color to her room by matching with the wall color or furniture.

What should I write in my sister’s graduation card?

With the following tips, you will never go wrong with writing her a graduation card. It also has examples of what you may say to a graduating sister.

A graduation card should absolutely express the aspect of congratulating the sister in the first statement. It is actually pointless to write a whole page of a graduation card without the aspect of congratulations. You could go with a casual look since she is a family member like’

“Bravo Sister! You’ve made us proud once again”

A graduation card is also a platform to express your optimism towards your sister’s future. You should give her the hopes of joining a higher learning level or getting job. You could go with,

“A star has just shone in your life, and you are yet to see the whole galaxy ahead! Congrats…”

If you will be on the occasion witnessing her gown and casting of the graduation cap to the sky, you might want to focus your message on the fun and pride you would get from witnessing the occasion. Here is an example,

“What joy I will find in my heart seeing your beautiful face in the graduation gown!” they all show that they’re a source of inspiration

In case you are caught up in something and you can’t show up to her graduation, you should make her feel warm and careful for. You don’t need an apology to make her feel you cared. Just a phrase in your card alone will serve just right. You could go with,

“I really wish I could be the one to give you this card and make you see how much I am delighted to see this day you made.”

Lastly, let your card have a warm closing. You could go with, with lots of love, warmly, I love you or any other warm phrase.

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What do you say in a thank you card for graduation?

Here are the tips to make your thank you card as colorful and personalized as possible. These tips may be used for any type of graduation occasion whether high school, college or any type of graduation. They also apply to what feel or tone you want to input in your thank you note whether funny, serious or a genuine tone.

Ensure that you say thank you right from the first sentence. You could use these examples,

“Thank you so much brother for the touching graduation card” (see gifts you could get your brother)

“I really appreciate the special gift”

The second line should put to light the specific gift you were given and how it would help you. This makes them feel that they did such a great thing for you.

Ensure that you express your feelings for their presence at you graduation or if they never showed up, make them feel how much you appreciate the gift they sent regardless of their presence. Congratulate them for this promotion

Ensure that the thank you card is as personalized as possible. Ensure that you kept a close track of all the gifts everyone purchased you so that when you write a thank you card you do not forget or generalize everyone. Instead write showing everyone that you appreciate their specific gift.

Be careful when addressing the recipients of your thank you card. If it is your best friend or family, you can use their nicknames. However, if it a family friend you haven’t interacted with them properly or your lecturer let’s say for example, use courtesy titles such as Prof. Mr. or Mrs.

A graduation thank you card should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the gift to show your sincere and timely appreciation.

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