13 Graduation Gift Ideas For Girls & what you should look at when choosing graduation gifts


Graduation is a moment in everyone’s life that brings joy and happiness to both the individual and to their family. It is a moment of exposure to current trending jobs, further studies or even self-employment. It is the moment a girl says good bye to books after much effort and strategies put in place to make it to this day. Many sacrifices, financially, emotionally and even physically have to be made. It is order to appreciate these efforts.

Girls can be choosy at times. However, this is not to worry you because this article covers most if not all, of the gifts they may prefer. These gifts also fit to whichever budget you have in mind or you can manage to afford. This article will also feature what to look for when choosing a gift for a girl.

  1. A Laser Printer

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After graduation, girls may decide to continue with their studies to acquire high level certificates. This involves a lot of printing of huge research work. Buying for her a laser printer will enable her save on printing money that is costly in the long run. Laser printers use laser technology to print. This makes the faster as compared to other printers such as the inkjet especially for high volume work saving on time.

Printed work is easier to correct as work still in digital form. This is because the bright light from PCs affect the eye negatively resulting to eye fatigue. It is tough to keep staring at digital documents as opposed to printed documents. It is also cheaper to purchase ink and printer cassettes as compared to the expensive flash disks used to store digital documents. Printed work is also free from online theft and viruses that may affect the digital document.

2. Let her have her own laptop computer

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Opportunities also have a price to pay. Nowadays, most things have been digitalized. A good example is, unlike in the past where one had to attach a hard copy of her CV when applying for a job, nowadays people apply them online. A laptop will ensure that all her documents are kept safe and easily accessible for use any time they are required. Laptops are portable making them easy to carry around to her office or library.

Laptops are also fast in nature processing information very fast and accurate. A laptop can serve many functions at the same time. She could be playing her favorite song, while downloading the latest episode of her favorite series and researching on her latest study.

Laptops can also be modified to fit her specific specs. This include enlarging the RAM, speed, graphics and much more. It would not be an exaggeration to say that laptops are one-stop-shop.

  1. Get her a Unisex Wrist Watch

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Time is an important aspect in a graduate’s life. She may have planned her day perfectly, however, without considering time, it ends up to be null and void. This is because most of the activities will be overlapping each other’s time. Presenting a unisex wrist watch as a gift for a graduation will ensure that her schedule is followed to the latter.

A wrist watch is also convenient to use as it simply involve twisting the arm a little and as easy as that, you are able to know what time it is. This is easier as compared to a cell phone which may be stuck deep down in the bag. A watch is also made of simplified technology. This means that it has less power demand, hence is a reliable source of viewing the time. A watch will also complement her outfit whether casual or official.

  1. A Pair of Stainless Steel stud earrings (cool grad graduation gifts)

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Every girl wants to look classy and elegant as they really treasure their looks. A pair of stainless stud earrings is just what she requires to make her look lethal and outstanding among her peers. They are a rather inexpensive gift that offer great look to any outfit whether it is being worn to an interview or to a date on a weekend. They also come in different lengths allowing her to make a choice of whoever fits her.

These earrings are simple. They can go perfectly with any outfit. They also complement other pieces of jewelry. Ladies go for comfort when choosing the best stud earring for their ears. These earrings offer high levels of comfort.

  1. Stuffed toys (sentimental graduation gifts for daughter)

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These toys are a good choice of gifts especially for a high school daughter who is in love with animals and toys. These toys are comfy, soft and fluffy. They offer a warm and comfortable feel when she hugs them. They may tag your name at the bottom always reminding your daughter of the love you have for her. This ensures that the bonding between you and her is strengthened. Congratulate her on this promotion

These toys could also be used as sleeping buddies or even pillows when sleeping, watching a movie or when interacting with new friends. These toys are also a mechanism for anxiety and stress relief and one could hug them or talk to them when feeling sad.

  1. An address book (High school graduation gifts from parents)

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Ladies just like every other human are prone to forgetting things. This include even the important contacts(such as her sisters) that one could reach out for help when an emergency occurs. An address book is the best solid solution to these outrageous problem. It has a well-organized list of all the important contact information she may need. This information include phone numbers, fax, email address, home addresses and even street number.

It is not bad to keep this information using modern technology such as flash disks. However, these address books should act as a complementary and easily accessible means to this information. They are portable and may even fit to a wallet. Furthermore, data that is stored using modern tech may be attacked by malicious viruses and distorted.

  1. Shoulder bags/ hand bag (Graduation gifts for girlfriend)

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For a lady’s day to be called successful, she needs to tag along a lot of small things that make her day complete everywhere she goes. These include business cards such as visa and passports, cosmetics, medications, toiletry requirements such as wet wipes and communication gadgets such as cellphones just to mention a few. A hand bag is a perfect gift to allow an MBA graduate to carry all these things around in one place.

These bags, apart from carrier services, usually portray the girl’s confidence and style. Girls usually match these hand bags with the outfit they are wearing to complement them. A nice hand bag will raise her head up high increasing her confidence and generally her productivity. A flight attendant could benefit from a hand bag gift too

When selecting a nice handbag for a girl, ensure that you check for the prices, color and even sizes.

  1. Sticky Notes (inexpensive high school graduation gift ideas)

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These pieces of notes have withstood the test of time as pleasant gifts for any graduate. This is due to their unending uses and advantages. These pieces of note are used by girls to create a things-to-do list for the activities she plans to carry out during the day. These may include what she is to research, chores she thinks she can easily forget or a sick friend she needs to visit.

Girls also use these notes to label and identify different spices and ingredients in her kitchen avoiding confusion. They can also be used when studying to create short summary notes acquired from a passage in research work and hang them in the room. She will be looking at them every time she gets out of bed familiarizing with them. These notes are also used to label different folders of documents she may have enabling easy reach out when in need.

The different designs and colors sticky notes come with create a good piece of art in her room making it more attractive and girlish.

  1. Pearl Stud Earrings

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This is surely an attractive piece of jewelry a girl will highly appreciate. These are precious earrings that are accommodating. They blend in with almost all the types of skin tones and complexions. This make it an easy choice for a gift without really considering the type of skin of the graduate. They also accommodate all types of outfits whether worn for a formal or informal occasion. They enhance the style, elegance and confidence of whoever puts them on.

These earrings are available in various different shapes giving a wide range of choice. This jewelry also blend in with other forms of jewelry.

  1. A Sculpted figure

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Sculpted figures are symbols or items used to pass encoded messages from one person to another. They make use of gestures too to ensure that the message is well understood by the recipient. The message carried maybe a message of love, peace, courage, inspiration, hope among other virtues and blessings.

This figures act as souvenirs of parental love to their children or a certain point in history that really mattered to both the parent and the child. An example is the sculpture of a mother carrying a baby in her hands. This means that she is by far the greatest thing that ever happened in her life. The bond between them will always be rejuvenated whenever your daughter looks or feels the sculpted figure.

  1. Let her have her own laptop Backpack

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Acquiring a laptop requires great sacrifice from loans, savings and whichever way to raise money to acquire it. As so, girls hold on to them dearly ensuring nothing separates them from their expensive accessory. This is a why a good laptop backpack is required. It is made with cushion material to absorb shocks that may result from the laptop falling to avoid scratching and abrasion of laptop edges.

Laptop bags have been modernized and encompassed with anti-theft capabilities. This ensures that the laptop is always safe on her back. Laptop bags also shield the laptop from dust particles that may affect its functionality negatively. Apart from carrying only a laptop, a laptop bag has extra pockets to carry extra stuff such as documents, cell phone and even calculators. If you’re thinking of getting your brother a backpack too, read our gift suggestions first

With the outgrowing fashion trends, backpacks are used nowadays to also complement the outfit she is wearing.

  1. A handbag or purse organizer

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Ladies’ handbags tend to be filthy looking if not neatly organized. Accessing things in the handbags also tends to be difficult and may make her keep a poor record of the items she has in her bag. Ladies tend to use a wide range of products in a day such as medication, cosmetics and even stationery.

A purse organizer will ensure that the bag is well organized to ensure easy access. It also prevents contamination of food stuff by cosmetic chemicals. She should first remove everything from the bag and begin arranging them basing on the categorization she prefers. She could separate food stuff from medication and cosmetic, and gadgets from liquid stuff she may be carrying such as wet wipes. Every category of item is put inside its own purse organizer and vertically arranged in the handbag to prevent spilling. They say that keeping your things organized is a way of relieving anxiety

  1. A Jewelry box (Traditional college graduation gifts for her)

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A girl’s room may end up being a mess when she has a wide range of jewelry at her disposal. Despite this, the shape edges of jewelry may also be harmful when they fall on the ground. A jewelry box has many compartments that give a girl wide space to store all the jewelry in an organized manner. This also means that whenever she may require her jewelry, they will be easily reachable. We have more gift suggestions for your daughter on her graduation

It also keeps them safe from being stole or destroyed. These boxes have great color that may blend in with her room’s carpet or furniture improving its look. Storing jewelry safely also reduces the risk of her getting hurt when walking around the room.

Seven things to look for when buying her a gift

  1. Ensure that you make a keen study of what she is really into or something she has been eying for a long time. After you get her this gift, she will see you as the Romeo in her Juliet world.
  2. Get her a gift that you can easily personalize. This will ensure that a bit of yourself is carried to her.
  3. Ensure that the gift best suits the time or event. Getting her a college jacket during the summer is rather an untimely gift and may end up in her undesired clothes.
  4. Go for style. Girls really treasure modern and trendy fashion that outdoes their looks. Go for something her friends will be jealous of. How are you related? Romantic gifts would be better for boyfriends
  5. Get her something out of the odds and surprising. This is a gift she totally did not expect to ever have.
  6. Meaningful gifts that leave a mark of love will also be a good trait to look in a gift.
  7. Finally, ensure it’s something you can afford. Do not out do your budget and end up borrowing cash or even not getting the gift at all. Always know that no matter how small the gift might be, it really matters to you and her

Here are the things we look at when picking gifts

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