13 graduation gifts for Brother


Graduation is a vital stage of a person’s life. It is the opening of outlets to opportunities of life such as further studies or even acquiring a job. A persons put in a lot of effort to be able to wear that gown and cap and cast it in the air in joy. As so, we need to celebrate and congratulate our graduates.

I will take you through a number of gifts that you may use to congratulate that dear brother of yours. It does not matter whatever amount of money you have, we got you covered in all the possible budgets you may have.

  1. A pair of Running shoes (College graduation gift for a boy)

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It is important for a boy to keep his body fit. This prevents diseases caused due to body inactivity such as obesity. It also increase concentration level. Getting him a pair or running shoes will be the right thing to do to make him more active. Exercises also have a cooling effect on the body and increase general concentration levels.

These shoes are comfortable to the feet since they are light and will not pull him backwards when exercising. These shoes will ensure that he does not get blisters after exercising. Blisters are usually cased when one rubs his feet against the wrong shoe surface. Shoes are a great way of saying congratulations while ensuring they keep fit

  1. Programmable pressure cooker (Graduation gift ideas for friends)

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Using the wrong type of cooker which take ages to prepare your meals may make you dislike certain types of food stuff. However, with this programmable pressure cooker, your friends will not have to worry anymore. It prepares any type of meal in a matter of few minutes. It does not matter how tough the meal is, it will be tenderized by steam from the pressure cooker.

The pressure cookers can be programmed to prepare a certain dish after some period of time. When the time reaches, they automatically switch of. This saves on the worry that your food will burn in the kitchen. He could even go somewhere to visit a friend and come back to a cooked meal.

  1. A fountain pen (What to give a guy on graduation day)

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After graduating, your brother will be required to sign his certificate of the course he was pursuing. This makes a fountain pen a great gift to give him during this day. A fountain pen can enable someone write different widths of letters basing from the pressures he is applying on the pen.

Fountain pens are refillable. You only need ink to keep on filling them. This makes them a durable tool for writing. With this inexpensive gift, your brother will be able to note down key points during seminars and conferences. A pen may also be used to kill off boredom by simply juggling it around.

  1. Polarized sun glasses (Last minute graduation gifts for him)

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These sunglasses will protect your brother’s sensory organ, the eye. They are polarized to prevent penetration of harmful UV rays from the sun that can cause temporary or even permanent blindness and cancer. Long hours of staring at his laptop and cellphone to do his research work may lead to fatigue of the eyes. Shielding his eyes from bright day light will also enhance the rods in his eyes enabling his eyes to view better during the night.

The glasses also act as a barrier preventing his eyes from dust particles, falling objects and insects that fly around. These glasses ad style and fashion to his outfit. These glasses are typically used by pilots

  1. An insulated coffee mug

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With this coffee mug, your brother could easily walk around with his coffee or any other beverage he may be using. This will make him pay attention in class or during his research in the library. A coffee mug is specially designed to avoid spillage as compared to normal cups.

With this mug, your brother may prepare up to four serving of the coffee and keep them in the mug to drink at different times. This will ease his life by ensuring that he is not wasting a lot of time in the kitchen making coffee. These mugs are insulated maintain the temperature of his drink for long hours.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones (College graduation gift ideas)

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Noise from classmates, nearby roads may affect the concentration of your brother when studying. This may also affect his health by making him experience high occasions of migraines. Noise cancelling headphones are great college graduation gift ideas as they are designed to counter the noise in the environment.

Your sister could benefit from a kettle too

These headphones use a unique technology of cancelling out noise by releasing an opposite sound wave. He could also use the set of headphones to listen to movies, tutorials and songs keeping him entertained and learned. He will be able to listen to better quality of sound without necessarily increasing the volume.

  1. Coffee Gator or Kettle

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Caffeine present in coffee is a great stimulator. It ensures that its users are alert and awake. A coffee kettle will enable him make his very own coffee before going to class or research work to keep him jovial for the rest of the day. Coffee also works to reduce chances of acquiring diseases such as liver cancer, liver diseases and even type 2 diabetes.

Preparing coffee at his home will increase his savings as coffee prepared at home is cheaper than that acquired at the coffee shops. Time that would have been used to go to these shops is also saved. He could use this kettle to even prepare coffee for his friends as it is capable of preparing large amounts of coffee.

  1. Chef’s Knife (Girlfriend graduation gift)

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Most men aren’t well oriented in kitchen affairs. This makes them use inappropriate methods to prepare a meal. An example is, they may end up using a blunt knife to dice those carrots. This requires a lot of effort and they may hurt themselves in the process. A chef’s knife provides sharp cutting edges hence only limited amount of energy is required to cut ingredients.

This knife has brilliant grip limiting the chances of it sliding off the fingers and injuring your brother. It is also a versatile knife as it can be used for various kitchen activities such as dicing, mincing, chopping and slicing. This knife’s handle has a comfortable touch on the palm.

  1. A Military Wrist Watch (Graduation gift for 40 year old)

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Time is money. It needs to be properly managed. A military wrist watch is a simple and easy way to maintain it. Apart from this, watches also improve on your brother’s outfit whether official or casual making him walk with his head held high however old he may be. Research shows that the only jewelry a man can put without looking feminine is a wrist watch.

Wrist watches are also easy to access unlike phones which one has to reach them out deep to the pockets to check on time. They are made by use of simplified technology requiring a small amount of power input unlike phones which may go off at any time. This makes them a reliable source of checking out time.

  1. A long sleeve shirt

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These long sleeve shirts, unlike the short sleeved ones, can be used for an official use as well as casual basis. They go well with jeans or trousers. Long sleeved shirts also hide arms just in case the man is not really happy with them. This is majorly when he has thin arms that make a short sleeved shirt flap. They also play favorites during the cold seasons such as winter as they offer more coverage of the body.

Ensure that when selecting a long sleeve shirt for him, ensure that you consider his color preferences and make sure that it fits him well.

  1. Gaming Headphones

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This is a rather inexpensive gift that give you value for your money. They offer better team communication when playing a computer game with friends. They have in built microphones that offer quality sound transmission. He can share the secret strategies without the other team hearing them out. The headphones also puts noise from the environment at bay and make him concentrate on the game.

In addition, these gaming headphones offer better sound quality by minimizing noise. This means that he can feel the beat of the game clearly without increasing the volume. They are made of a soft padding that are comfortable for the ears.

  1. A baseball cap

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A baseball cap is a good way to cover his unkempt hair in times of emergencies or when he is late for something. These caps can also be used to enhance his style. He could decide to rest his sunglasses on the cap. A cap also functions to protect his skin from direct sun rays from the sun that could cause sun burns and even skin cancer when they are harmful UV rays.

Baseball caps may enlarge his creativity in design. This is because the front surface could be printed or embellished to his desire. This will make him stand out among his friends.

  1. Men’s Cologne

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The way you smell will create a shadow of you in the people you interact with; whether good or bad. Men’s cologne will be a great gift for him to increase his confidence, relieve stress and anxiety as well as making him more attractive and appealing to ladies. Research has it that when choosing a perfect man, while men go for the looks, women go for the smell of your body.

Fragrance also deepen emotional connection between you and the people you interact with. This is because the nerves from the nose and directly linked to the emotional part of the brain.

  1. Post Shave Balm

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Using a post shave balm is definitely something men admire. It works by providing a coating of moisture around the shaven part of the skin to protect the delicate freshly shaven skin. It is usually made of an antiseptic agent (may have alcohol or not) that acts to disinfect and kill the germs in your skin hence preventing skin irritation.

It also prevents entry of germs to cut surfaces. It may also be scent enhanced to leave him smelling fresh. It is perfect for people living in temperate regions where the skin is prone to drying and cracking.

  1. A Bed sheet Set (masters’ graduation gift)

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Bed sheets serve a great purpose of protecting the mattress from dirt and wear from friction when sleeping. Buying a new pair of bed sheets for your brother will ensure that the mattress remains clean longer. Bed sheet designs also enhance the color of his room making it welcoming to sleep and visitors.

They also make the bed more warm and comfortable to sleep in. When he wakes up, he will rejuvenated to face his day. Sheets also could be used to cover the body during hot periods of the year instead of the heavy blankets and duvets due to their light nature. Ensure that you select the right size for his bed.

  1. Electric pressure cooker

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This is a type of cooker that can cook any type of food in a matter of a few minutes including the tough ones too! It is highly preferred as it saves on time that one would have used to cook using ordinary cookers. Tough food including meat tends to be cheaper due to the time it takes to cook. However, with a pressure cooker, he will be able to cook it in a few minutes saving on money he would have used to buy soft meat.

It consumes only a small amount of electricity saving on electricity bills. Cooking his own means will also save on time, money and give him the freedom to choose whatever he wants to cook.

  1. Daily Planner (meaningful college graduation gifts for son)

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After graduation, many opportunities will come his way. He may need to go to a few interviews, visit a seminar and so much more. Without proper planning, your son or brother will find certain schedules crushing into each other. This is why you should get him a daily planner.

With this, he will list all the things he need to do in that day, allocating each one of them a specific time and priority. A planner will also compel him to do the things he has written increasing his output. In addition, the feeling of finishing a task and marking it off the things-to-do list is satisfying and will encourage more effort.

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