20+ Gifts for people with Anxiety


Anxiety is the state of mind that is caused form poorly handled stress. Anxiety may result to detrimental effects to our lives such as isolating from the society, weight chances, dislike of habits you initially loved and poor performance whether at school or work.

Anxiety can’t be kicked out just by words or wishes but requires taking action to counter them. Here are some of the necessary tools you may gift someone to enable them fight anxiety.

1.     Planner

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Sometimes on the rise of dawn, you aren’t just planned for the day. You have a meeting to catch up, an interview to attend, a birthday party of a friend to make it up to him in the evening and many more other things to do. Improper planning of these things may cause an overwhelming feeling in your mind that makes you think you can’t be able to catch up with all of those things.

Help an anxious person out today by getting them a planner. A planner will have everything you are to do for the day enabling you have an open mind of tackling the situation instead of looking at the situation itself thereby relieving your tension and anxiety.

2.     Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

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A diffuser humidifier is another good gift you can purchase for someone with anxiety. It is a unit that simultaneously fumes your space with essential oils scent and conditions your air all at the same time.

After a tough day, getting yourself to relax in such conditions that are created by this diffuser humidifier replenishes your energy and makes you forget about all your anxiety and stress experienced along the day. The conditions also create peaceful atmosphere that make you have a peaceful state of mind and a comfortable night sleep. Anxiety won’t stand a chance once you wake up.

3.     Foot Massager

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Most people are ignorant of the fact that the foot is actually the most sensitive part of the body. Yes it is! This is the reason why some infections in other body parts may manifest themselves in your foot. This is because the better part of the human nerves have their meeting point at your feet.

This is why a foot massager, using essential oils, will come in handy in helping an anxious person’s body have better blood and lymph circulation as well as brightening the skin thereby calming their anxious minds. This is besides the obvious importance, relaxing of the feet.

4.     Essential Oil Inhalers

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This is a perfect gift for a person who has busy days that can’t get time to go out to the spar or at home for a nice massage to calm their anxiety down. It can be carried to work inside their backpack or even their bags making it easier to reach up to them whenever they feel anxious or a bit stressed at work or a place far from home.

This inhaler makes use of the aromatherapy science (the method has been proven effective by scientific studies) to cope with anxiety. All one needs to do is pull out the top and put it close to your nose and spray to feel better.

5.     Fidget Spinner

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A fidget spinner is a great gift for a person suffering from anxiety. This is because it’s of the many affordable tools effective in reducing anxiety by calming your mind and body. Their shape resembles that of a disc with ball bearings that enable the anxious person to spin it around their fingers or on a table. It is fun to play with and can be used by both kids and adults.

It works by keeping your fingers busy, attracting your attention and flexing your finger muscles thus keeping your nerves alert and alleviate anxiety. It is preferred by most office oriented workers as it helps them ease minor anxiety of the paperwork by just spinning.

6.     Massage Pillow

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Anxiety is greatly caused by fatigue. Save a life today by getting a massage pillow to an anxious person. This pillow massages your neck and shoulders lowering the levels of cortisol hormone which is usually generated to respond to stress. This enables you to have a relaxed, less painful night therefore cooling off your anxiety and sadness after a tough day.

An anxious person can also seek refuse in hugging of this pillow. It may look stupid but hugging a pillow makes you feel secure and less lonely. This eases up your tight strings of tension and anxiety.

7.     Massage Gloves

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These are special type of gloves with soft protrusions that allow you to massage your body. One could use them to massage their neck, stomach, shoulders or any other part of the body where you feel pain or tired. They are portable allowing the user to even tag them along to work.

These gloves are a unique piece of gift you could offer to an anxious person. This is because they enable them to take care of their bodies therefore offering them a peace of mind, aid in nourishing their physical and mental state which in turn relives anxiety and body pain.

8.     Guide and Journal book

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The main reason why we journal is to put down in paper all our fears, sorrows, disappointments and basically anything that prevents us from being stable mentally to have the bigger picture of your mind without getting punished or judged by the world.

A journal book therefore becomes a great gift idea for a person suffering from anxiety. It enables one to rank his fears and problems and account for the reasons you may be depressed in a day therefore learning to avoid or cope with them. This is because it helps you to have the full control of their emotions and enrich their mental health thereby decreasing stress, depression and anxiety.

9.     Wrist Strengthener

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Most effective anxiety relievers work using the principle of substituting your anxiety for other activities that keep your mind calm. A wrist strengthener is one of them. This tool helps you get your hands in shape by making them stronger by increasing your hand grip and increasing the mobility of your forearms and fingers.

Apart from that obvious reason, it reduces the pain and stiffness of the hands by enhancing circulation of blood through your hands relieving stress. It can be used by any anxious person ranging from whatever work they do. When using the wrist strengthener, you finally get an opportunity to scope for what has been worrying you and letting it go.


10. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Seat

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It is best known that acupressure therapy is used for the aid of physical challenges and ailments. Have you ever known that it could be used for anxiety relieve too? This comes as a big plus for those exercising it as they get to have a double share of its advantages.

The acupressure mat and pillow seat are used for this exercise. On this mat, the anxious person usually presses and holds pressure on the points he is experiencing pain for a certain scope of time. This channels in positive energy to your body that brings relief to his body. This leads to a state of balance between the body and emotion hence relieving his anxiety.

11. Thumb Saver Massager or protector

Massage is by far a key therapy in anxiety relief. One of the many tools used for massage therapy include the thumb saver massager. This is a perfect gift to acquire for someone who has work that really strains their thumbs.

It is specifically designed to reach for trigger points within the deep tissues of the thumb and massage them without causing any strain or pain. This will make them feel much more comfortable and stronger. The pressure within the thumb is diverted towards the other parts of the arm causing relief and minimization of anxiety.

12. Bright white light simulation therapy tools

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This will be a perfect gift for someone who goes for night shift at work, lives in a country experiencing winter seasons or works in a rather dark office. This tool simulates the sunlight making body of the anxious person release positive energy hormones which in turn makes their day brighter, happier and more willing to work no matter what time of the day or year.

During winter, we acquire a minimal amount of sunlight which usually powers our day making us more vulnerable to situations that provoke our anxiety. This bright light simulation therapy enhance the link between the parts of our brains that have the task of handling our feelings such as anxiety.

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils have been used for a long period of time to reduce and relieve anxiety. One could use them in various number of ways one of them being diffusing them to the air in the room using an essential oil diffuser. They don’t have any side effects on the user making them a good choice for the entire classes of society.

When inhaled, one enjoys the scent of it and the calmness that it brings. This is a perfect gift for an anxious person as it will create a conducive environment for sleeping. The aroma also relaxes the mind relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

14. Neck Warmer

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The human neck is exposed to a lot of strain throughout the day. All the turning of the head to see that passerby that resembles a person you know, all the nodding to accept things surely makes the neck so tired. A stiff neck and anxiety may catch up with you on your way home.

Worry not anymore. A neck warmer is just what you need to purchase for such a person. It uses carefully chosen herbal aromas in its making that are let out every time you heat the wrap. This provides you with the perfect aromatherapy for your anxiety and at the same time relaxing your neck muscles using the heat.

15. Magnesium Oil Relief

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Magnesium is a vital mineral in ensuring that the human body fights anxiety. This is because when the level of magnesium lowers, and a person experiences stress, it then cannot prevent the effects of anxiety and stress hormones which deplete magnesium. An anxious person may have his own ways to reduce anxiety. However, he cannot replicate the depleted magnesium in the body.

Magnesium oil relief will rejuvenate the depleted magnesium in the body equipping it with the necessary arsenal to fight anxiety. It also cools down the nervous system and improve the health of the brain. The increase in magnesium mineral in the body may also help cool down restless legs and also make you have better sleep relieving anxiety.

16. Microwave heated slippers

When the environment becomes colder, so does the amount of heat in our feet. This results to up rise of issues such as pain felt from injuries we previously experienced in our feet or arthritis. Microwave heated slippers are by far a better solution to this problem.

These slippers are placed in a microwave and heated. You may also add some essential oils or selected herbs to provide a sweet aroma for the anxious person. They keep your feet warm and comfortable and the herbs provide a nice aroma that keeps your mind at peace relieving anxiety. The warmth increases blood circulation relieving pain from injury or arthritis therefore relieving anxiety.


17. Anxiety relief with slime

Slime is a product that allows you to stretch a piece of cloth to release a watery substance that flows down your hands. All one needs to do is to stretch the cloth regularly to make the slime trickle down the hands. It is easy and fun to play with the slime especially for kids making them relax reducing their anxiety.

Adults should however monitor their kids when playing with it to reduce chances of eating this. They should also wash their hands. Ensure that you store the slime in the container after your kid has played with it.

18. Pillow

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Whenever we feel we have a lot of things to catch up with or deadlines to meet, anxiety chips in and clogs our brains. Sometimes all one needs is just a good night sleep to escape from the real life and hide in the slumber world. But why don’t we get good night sleep? Perhaps it’s because you do not have a quality night pillow. A good night pillow will offer comfort to your already tired body parts especially the spine making you feel less anxious.  A good pillow will also reduce the time you spend turning during your nights due to discomfort utilizing to maximum your sleeping hours making your body relaxed reducing anxiety.

19. Hair Scalp Brush Massager

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Most people treasure their hair. It makes them look stylish and of class. Poorly maintained scalp may result to low blood circulation causing anxiety. A hair scalp brush massager gift will enable the anxious person to improve on his hair growth by stimulating their hair follicles. It may be fitted in the hand and used together with a shampoo to scrub the scalp. Stress and anxiety may result to an increase in chemicals that may inhibit hair growth. This tool therefore provides massage services to the head increasing the blood circulation and also spreading fatigue across the whole head. This provides a soothing touch lowering anxiety.

20. Travel Pillow</h3Skip to the best selling Travel Pillows on Amazon>

When travelling, one sticks in one position for a long time. This may result to discomfort around the neck causing anxiety. Getting a travelling person a travel pillow will come in handy in covering the neck to prevent any neck discomfort reducing anxiety.

This pillow can also be hugged during the journey for the anxious afraid kids offering them comfort and companionship reducing anxiety. Good sleep is one of the few keys to having a less anxious day. The pillow is also comfy giving the person a nice nap on the journey allowing the body to perform its functions. The mind also calms when we sleep reducing anxiety.

21. Sleep phones

Inadequate sleep is one of the major causes of anxiety. This is because sleeping helps the brain to relax and other body functions to perform effectively before you wake up. Lack of sleep makes your day dull, reduces your productivity levels even at work therefore making you stressed and anxious.

Sleep phones are definitely a good gift surprise for someone who experiences deficiency of a good night sleep. They can be used to listen to soothing music from any device that makes you fall asleep again and again. They also can be used as a sleeping mask for that person who does not acquire sleep fast. Good sleep will help cool of the nervous system countering anxiety.

22. Decompression or back pain relief Belt

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Working in an office with poor ergonomics of the chairs or doing a job that involves a lot of bending causes a strain to your back. Back pain may also occur due to aging or an injury experienced previously. This increases the pain at the end of the day which causes discomfort and anxiety.

Spinal braces called decompression belts working in conjunction with the right medication will relieve the pain felt at the pelvis or the lower back. They compress the back, stomach or the abdominal muscles to its original position preventing the pain that would otherwise been experienced. This is a perfect gift to a pregnant friend to prevent pain caused by stretching the back muscles therefore relieving tension.

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