17 gifts for promotion


Climbing the executive ladder in your job and career is definitely something to celebrate. It means more power and a huge pocket to say the least. It however comes with new role, responsibilities that you are mild and green about them. Here is why a great gift for a promoted friend or family will ensure that the spirit that made him get promoted does not die off.

  1. Bluetooth portable Speaker

Music is both entertainment as well as a soothing piece of art. Acquiring a Bluetooth portable speaker for a promoted husband of yours will definitely make him thank you for this gift with a hug. This is because these speakers are portable and easy to use allowing him to easily slip them in his bag and listen to music anywhere he wants to.

Using the Bluetooth connectivity also reduces the bulk that comes with using a lot of cables to connect to his phone to be able to listen to music. These speakers may also allow him to receive calls. He therefore does not have to keep on disconnecting to receive your calls.

These speakers are rechargeable and can keep power for long hours. They also allow several inputs such as SD cards and line-in cables in case your device does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. A Hip Flask Gift (congratulation gift ideas for boyfriends)

Getting a promotion deserves a celebration. Let him carry his celebration around by getting him a hip flask. Despite making carriage of whiskey, scotch, wine or whichever alcoholic drink around, they are also a piece of art. These flasks may be designed by use of quality material and craftsmanship to an extent of even engraved on them brilliant quotes like, “Yes You did it!” These flasks are stylish in nature.

These flasks are made with sleek and curved surfaces allowing him to secretly walk around with them in his pocket. They are made with classy solid caps that make it easily to open. They can keep the scotch fresh for a long period of time and not lose its taste.

  1. A scented candle

Scent and aromas helps the mind and body relax. In cases where one is promoted to a job that means he will have to go far from home, these scented candles make a great gift for him. He may lit them from wherever he is and it will always remind him of home and how you appreciated him for his promotion.

This gift comes in a jar that may be printed on it sweet words that make the promoted person feel thanked and celebrated. The flame from the candle is simply adorable to stare at it and simply make him smile.

  1. Inspirational Bracelets (congratulation gift ideas for her)

A new job means an absolutely new journey to walk. People are usually green on what really to expect ahead. Let her know that you wish only the best for her by getting her an inspirational bracelet. This bracelets will pump her with another chunk of positive energy every time she gets things tough.

These bracelets come in a lot of exhaustive engravings. However, if you don’t find the suiting one for the occasion, they may be customized just for you. These bracelets also make good pieces of jewelry to compliment that official attire of hers. They are simple to wear and are perfect for a girl who hates piercing her body.

  1. Flap-over Messenger Bags (thoughtful promotional gift)

A messenger bag is a great gift especially if the person is working in an office. It will enable him to carry his laptop and other documents easily. They also protect his essentials from dust and theft. Nobody will really know what they are carrying around.

These bags are stylish and add a touch of style. They are made with extra interior pockets to give room for other peripherals such as cables and gadgets he may also require in his new job. They have both a shoulder handle and a single top handle that will give them the freedom of choice of whichever method they want to carry using.

  1. Congratulation Banners (gifts for big promotions)

Color his new office during his promotion party with this banner that has shimmering letters that will simply add life to the room. These decorations are a welcoming gesture to their guests and friends who come to share in the joy. These banners come with a variety of words to choose from and have an option to customize your own.

They come with ribbons and strings for the convenience of hanging to the walls, hallway, ceiling or door. This makes these banners easy to use. A long lasting banner can be stored and re used for another promotion party for family or friend.

  1. A Credit card Holder

This is a convenient promotion gift idea that will allow the person to easily access their cards. These card holders come with an option to engrave the person’s name or a message you would like them to always remember in their hearts every time they remove the card holder to swipe. They are fancy, fashionable and ideal for both formal and casual use.

These holders are available in a number of colors. You will definitely find the right one for the esteemed and well deserved promoted person. They can also be used by both men and women to safely hold their cards and protect them from scratching and aging. They are small in nature hence will not fill your bag. You could also store them in your back pocket.

  1. Congratulations greetings cards

These cards allow you to personally write down inside the message you want to project to the promoted person. This personalization feature makes these cards a great gift. The outer part usually are printed with great motivational quotes. They are available in many designs to put a broad smile in the person’s face on the first glance at it.

These cards are a casual way to input both design and creativity at work to make them know you are happy for them.  These cards can be a gift of their own or may accompany another gift too.

  1. Stoneware Sculptured Coffee Mug

This coffee mug offers a funny way to express your feelings and create a positive vibe to his morning. Whenever he will be taking his coffee, he will be glancing at the quotes sculptured in them and get entertained, motivated and re-energized. These mugs are available with various quotes sculptured in them for the promoted person.

This affordable gift is designed using quality stone that makes it durable and limits the chances of breakage when they accidentally fall down. These mugs also limit the chances of spillage on their work outfits. May be used for hot coffee, tea or any other beverage.

  1. Steel Motivation quote jewelry bracelets

This bracelet is engraved with motivational quotes that keep the hope and strength of the promoted person. The quotes are numerous and if you do not find a suiting one, they can also be customized for your occasion and message. This makes it a perfect gift for any gender.

These bracelet is elegant and perfectly crafted to look amazing around the promoted person’s hands. They are forged using stainless still. This is a durable material that keeps on shinning their way through for ages. These bracelets go with any outfit they may decide to put on. The person will always have you in their hearts to whatever place they are posted to work from.

  1. Inspirational pencils engraved with motivational sayings.

Let your partner remain motivated every time they reach out to their pencil in their new offices by getting them these inspirational pencils. They are engraved with carefully selected quotes and sayings that will always remind the person of what they can really do and just how much you wish them luck in their new jobs. In addition to being just a normal pencil, they come in colorful and unique designs that brighten their timid days of their promotion. Let them write in style.

These pencils may come unsharpened allowing you to select exactly the type of sharp edges they would have. They can come already wrapped and all you need to do is present them to the promoted guy!

  1. Get them a Manager’s Guide (gift for promotion to manager)

Being promoted to a manager is another dimension of work that requires a lot of other skills a normal worker might not really need. There a lot of challenges, new responsibilities and people to handle. This is why you need to get them a manager’s guide. This book has the necessary skills that will enable them handle the challenges that come with being promoted to a managerial position.

This book is a classic way to improve his innovations and tactics to handle the people he will be working with, learn how to fire and hire workers and the best way to motivate coworkers. This goes a long way in increasing his general output.

  1. Shot glass

Fire the celebrations up by getting him a shot glass. This is certainly a great way to congratulate him for the promotion he has acquired. This shot glasses come printed beautiful and attractive paintings that make him stare at the glass and just smile. After all it’s what you would like to see in his face, right?

These glasses may have a removable figurine and may also have a stand to support it. This ensures that while you are drinking, the figurine is in place. These shot glasses come already packaged and wrapped for delivery to that precious promoted person.

  1. An Inspirational Book

Starting his new position in the job market can be quite difficult and may increase his ‘fear for the unknown’ levels. Let him know that it’s just another adventure of life and there is absolutely fear by acquiring this inspirational book for him.

This book provides knowledge that he probably was not taught in his high school, college or by his parents. The brutal, tough realities of life are made accessible to him in ways that are hilarious and loosen his tight strings of seriousness. This book is ideal for any promoted person and will equip him with every single challenge he might face and how to tackle them. He will always be prepared for what is to come.

  1. Gift Baskets Promotion Gift Ideas (gift for promotion to vice president)

It can be quite tough to select the right gift that will make him feel special to you. Wipe down that sweat. After much running up and down, you have finally bumped into the right gift! A gift basket comes with a variety of items that saves you on the time and thinking you would have spent searching for single items.

These baskets come with a wide variety of smaller gifts that he will definitely find breathe taking and awesome. These basket is a true face of creativity and personalization of what he really needed at the time. This memorable gift is fit for a promoted guy.

  1. An affirmation insulated travel tumbler

Let him get inspiration every time he gets his tumbler out to drink water or a beverage he has carried. The affirmation messages of the mug gives him hope and strength to push on every time the going gets tough. There is a wide range of printings on the mug with different designs and colors to choose from.

This mug is also insulated to keep the temperatures of his drink constant at all times. It has a specialized drinking mechanism that prevents spillage to his shirt. It is portable. He can now carry his favorite home beverage to work without fear of leakages.

  1. Inspirational coffee cup

This coffee cup is a perfect positive energy booster, not just from the hot coffee it holds but from the inspirational messages printed on it. This cup is a hilarious way to tell her just how much she is capable of doing. This is a great and affordable gift to get her during her promotion. Let her new job position be faced with a well hydrated girl.

This coffee cup is available with a wide variety of quotes to select them. You definitely will find the right one for her and the occasion. It may be used for any beverage.


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