10 Gifts for pilots & 13 gifts for flight attendants (for the frequent travelers in your life)


Human beings are not robots, they are prone to limitations. Pilots are not an exception. They are exposed to extreme temperatures from the heights and countries they fly to, dangerous UV rays and radiation from the sunlight and sun waves, dehydration, noise pollution from the heavy engines and even health issues such as deep vein thrombosis and hypertonia. As so, they need to be celebrated and appreciated every time they come home and given hope every time they fly away.

Here are a range of gifts that can express your love for them wholly with whatever amount you have.

  1. Bomber Jacket

The higher you go the cooler it becomes, so they say. To keep healthy from these harsh cold conditions of both altitude and country being visited by the pilot, he needs a good bomber jacket. This jackets are really heavy and thick keeping the pilot warm and comfortable during travelling.

They also give confidence and authority to the pilot. This is due to the style these bomber jackets carry with them. These jackets can be used to create a shadow and blind people. On a late morning, you can simply wear anything and put on a bomber jacket. No one will really know what is beneath it.

Bomber jackets have undergone a lot of evolution creating a wide range of selection options for pilots based on color and type.

  1. Aviation Headset (Gift for helicopter pilots)

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Aircrafts, especially small ones, usually produce high noise levels in the cockpit that may pierce your ear drums literally! Protect the ear drums of your pilot relative by acquiring him an aviation headset. These headset are made by use of high rating technology such as passive noise reduction (PNR) or Active Noise Reduction (ANR) that works by canceling the noise from the aircraft by canceling it with an opposite sound wave.

Together with an insulation material, the ears are shielded off noise created from aircraft blades, engine and even wind by use of these technologies. This reduce the chances of ear complications. These headsets are also used for communications with the radar towers and even people within the same aircraft.

  1. Travelling Adapter Kits (Best gift for pilot 2019)

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Different countries around the world have set standards on their types of power outlets they use. This diversity can really hinder power connection for a person from a different country and may result to inconveniences. These travelling adapter kits are usually made up with prongs that are capable of fitting various electrical power outlets around the globe.

This makes it a great gift for a pilot as he/ she will remain connected wherever he goes from country to county. It can power a wide range of accessories the pilot may have such as laptops, cellphones and even power banks promoting connectivity and reliance.

  1. Novelty Mug (perfect gift for an airplane pilot)

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In this current world, mugs are no longer just for use to drink that morning coffee. They are used also to pass messages. They may be printed with messages to give your pilot husband hope for returning to you after that long journey he is taking to another country.

They are made of ceramic, which is good insulator, preventing the pilot’s fingers from getting burned. A good novelty mug should have a great grip to prevent slipping when he is taking that coffee. This is a rather inexpensive gift carrying information pleasing to that pilot friend of yours. A novelty mug may be used for wine, tea coffee or any drink. Let him have it in style hence brightening his day.

  1. A whiskey glass (Pilot gift for him)

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Whiskey isn’t enjoyable without a whiskey glass! This is because whiskey isn’t just about chunking the drink down the throat but is a soothing and meditation activity. Whiskey glasses are spacious enough to allow any amount of whiskey the pilot needs and even one or two ice cubes to be dropped in that whiskey glass. These glasses are much stronger than the normal types of glasses due to their thickness. They may even fall without breaking.

A whiskey glass is a great gift of your pilot relative due to their shinny appearance that will broaden that smile in their faces. A good whiskey glass should ensure that one can easily drink or even swirl when using it.

  1. Moisturizing Body Lotion

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Travelling around the world means experiencing different whether elements that sometimes may affect the skin by drying it. This occurs especially when pilots fly to temperate countries. Having the right moisturizing lotion is just that inexpensive gift he needs to keep his skin healthy including softening the heels and elbows making it to look healthy.

A moisturizing lotion rehydrates skin suffering from harsh climatic conditions such as excess heat or cold in some countries. It also makes the skin to glow making a person feel bright and attractive. A moisturizing lotion will also make the pilot relax due to its cooling effect relieving anxiety from the constant traveling.

  1. Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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Carrying the weight of your head is already enough stress on your neck muscles. Traveling from country to country imposes further stress on them. As a result, pain is generated making pilots feel uncomfortable. A chin supporting travel pillow is a perfect gift for a pilot. It will help in minimizing neck pain resulting from a stiff neck and jaw pains that make them comfortable during sleeping.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes and types of pillows to choose from. These pillows also are not that large making them easy to carry around along with other things the pilot may need.

  1. Portable charger/ power bank

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When traveling, it may be difficult to charge your accessories due to the different power output standards of different countries. This may hinder communication of the pilot with his family. Getting him a power bank will surely promote better communication. The biggest reason is because they are portable. They are small and may fit to anything carrying his power backup in his pocket!

Power banks are simple to use as it just involves inserting a USB cable to his phone and let it do the rest. It will also give him freedom to comfortably using his phone without worrying that his phone will go off. A good power bank is cable of storing a very high capacity of power that may be used again and again before recharging it.

  1. Rolling Laptop Briefcase (Gift for pilot husband)

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Laptop is a crucial and delicate machine for any pilot. Laptops are also expensive hence need care. Having a rolling laptop briefcase with ensure that the laptop is properly taken care of while improving his style and making them easy to travel with. These briefcases will keep the laptop clean from dirt that may affect its functionality.

These laptop briefcases will make him look outstanding among his copilots and coworkers. It improves and furnishes his appearance promoting his self-esteem. This briefcase is also easy to travel around the world with since it has a rolling surface. It will protect his laptop from the many knockings that occur during travelling.

There are a wide range of sizes and shapes of these cases and you may also add a touch of your style by customizing your own.

  1. Polarized Aviator Sun Glasses (Gift for Cessna pilots)

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Vision is by far the very sensitive and important sensory organ for any pilot. Poor vision due to excessive sunlight and dust may result to bad occurrences to an extent of even accidents. Get a pilot a pair of polarized aviator sun glasses today to prevent such occurrences.

These sunglasses will diminish the harsh effects of excess sunlight that may lead to eye disorders and gradual blindness. Polarized glasses shield the eyes from UV rays which may result to cancer. They also reduce the glare effects from light reflected from shinny surfaces to the eye reducing chances of accidents. It also keeps at bay flying objects such as dust or insects from coming in contact with his eyes. They are important in inhibiting eye fatigue that may be dangerous to any pilot.



Many people really wish they could enjoy the many flights a flight attendant enjoys. However, being a flight attendant is a very tough and challenging task. It requires a lot of specific requirements on weight, skin tone, hygiene, capabilities to swim and many more. These attendants risk their lives and health every day to make sure that passengers are safe and comfortable. As such, they need to feel loved and appreciated. Here are some gifts that will reflect just how much you adore them.

  1. Insulated Lunch Box

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The long journey surely makes one feel hungry. However, a plane has many restrictions on the type of food carried into them especially pastes, gels and liquids. However, if you have a lunch box, you may tag along these food stuff as lunch boxes can be closed and carried along with other luggage.

This lunch box is insulated maintain the temperature of the food to be consumed by the flight attendant at whatever time. Sharp objects are prohibited in a plane. This cooler-sided lunch box also have soft sides to prevent piercing. This also allows the lunch box to be easily stored after use among her luggage.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones (gift for flight attendant boyfriend)

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These headphones will provide him the necessary and obvious need of noise control in a plane especially the small aircrafts that are not pressurized to absorb noise. They work with the principle of noise cancellation. With this technology, the noise is canceled by use of an opposite sound wave produced by the headset. Chances of his ears getting blown up by the noise and other ear complications are greatly reduced by use of these headphones.

He could also entertain himself using this earphones by connecting it to a music source. People are not allowed to use cellphones during a flight. However, after landing he may use them to call and communicate with family and friends using these headphones. With these headphones, a flight attendant can communicate with the passenger and deliver whatever the passenger needs with much ease.

It is a common thing to see a flight attendant with Bluetooth headphones around the neck when in a flight. This is because they usually want to keep a close and instant reach of their music to keep them busy and entertained during the flight. Bluetooth headphones do not require any cabling to the source hence one can listen to music from a very far source.

These headphones are made in such a way to put aside the noise form the plane by canceling them out with an opposite wave enabling the flight attendant to listen only to the beat of his music and not noise around. These headphones also aid in communication in the aircraft between the passengers, pilot and the flight attendant. They also add a touch of style to the attendant. They are affordable in price therefore an easy gift to acquire for her.

  1. Vacuum Insulated Mug

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Getting her a nice vacuum insulated mug is a great gift idea for a flight attendant. Flying involves high altitudes that are colder than the ground. Flights attendants get to freeze at times. An insulated mug could be used to carry beverages such as tea, coffee or even water and keep them warm to be consumed by her at the cold altitudes. .if she prefers it cold, the beverage will also be maintained at its temperature since they are insulated.

She will also remain hydrated throughout the journey. These mugs are also designed in a unique way to prevent spillage on her clean uniform. Some of them are big enough to store up to four servings therefore saving her time used for preparations.

  1. Dry Skin Moisturizer

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Travelling around the world by aircrafts exposes the skin of a flight attendant to extreme weather conditions that may have adverse effects especially on the skin. This include drying and roughening up of the heels and elbows. A dry skin moisturizer will rehydrate the dry skin keeping it glowing all day long.

In case your girlfriend has sensitive skin, a skin moisturizer will enhance its tone and create a mask for the imperfections it may have. A moisturizer also creates a water shield that blocks of disease causing germs away from the skin. Direct sunlight will also be filtered from bleaching and burning her skin.

  1. Women’s Bangle Bracelets (Flight attendant jewelry)

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It may be lonely for flight attendants to fly far away from home. A bangle bracelet is a great show of care and love that is wrapped up in her hands. She will always know that someone cares whenever she looks at the bracelet. Bracelets will also portray her personality. As so, they may act as a good ice breaker when starting a conversation with airplane passengers or coworkers.

They put to light style as they fit with any type of outfit whether causal or formal. A bracelet may also hold a moment she shared with you. It may have engravings on them for that specific occasion or be a souvenir of good times.

  1. Wrap Scarf

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Flight attendants need to be almost close to perfect. Talk of their style, clean teeth, flawless skin and their abilities to interact with the passengers. As so, they are usually well dressed with clean and tidy clothes. A nice scarf add taste to their attire. Scarves are versatile pieces of wearing as they can be worn in a casual or formal occasion.

Scarves can also be worn in different ways depending on the style touch of the flight attendant. A common example used by flight attendants is the slip knot technique since it creates a more formal presentation. Scarves also shield the skin from dust and other objects that may harm the skin.

  1. Portable Charger/ Power Bank

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Flight attendants usually have limited time to go and charge their phones or any other accessories such as headphones. These portable chargers may be carried around from place to place and be used at any time to recharge her accessories. She will be able to use her accessories without fear that they may power off at any time.

They are small in size making them easier to carry around from place to place and may fit well with other luggage she may have. A power bank is also easy to use as it simply involves plugging in a cable to the accessory and allow it to recharge it. It sores a large amount of power that can be used for a long time before requiring to be recharged again.

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle (Gifts for flight attendant girlfriend)

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The long journeys in an aircraft can really make your girlfriend thirsty when travelling. This can cause cracked lips making her look unpleasant to the passengers. Getting her a water bottle will enable to carry her own water and use it to quench the thirst whenever she needs it. This is rather cheap as compared to the frequent purchasing of disposable water from vendors.

Bottled water is also much healthier compared to purchased disposable water. The plastics used for making the disposable water bottles may infiltrate to the water contaminating it. A high quality water bottle is made of tough material that does not allow reactions with water. These reusable water bottles are also environmental friendly as compared to the disposable ones which pollute the environment.

  1. Chin Supporting Travel Pillows

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During long hour flights, flight attendants stick for one position for a long time. This and strain caused by the weight of her head is a great cause of discomfort experienced around the neck muscles. Get her a chin supporting pillow to allow her neck to stay upright and without feeling uncomfortable and fatigue. She may at times hug the pillow and look through the windows and remember you.

This pillow will also make her nap faster due to the comfort limiting on time wastage when one is about to sleep usually caused by looking for the right angle to sleep. When the plane is landing, this pillow will also act as a shock absorber. These pillows are also portable and can be folded and carried along with other items in her case.

  1. Compression Socks

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Sticking our legs for a very long period of time may make them numb majorly for ladies on maternity, old aged people and the handicapped. This usually applies also to flight attendants. Compression socks will come in handy in relieving pain from long hours of standing or sitting. They input pressure in legs to enhance blood flow preventing inactivity.

They also prevent them from suffering from diseases such as varicose veins. These compression socks enable them to stand for longer hours serving passengers without fatigue. They also protect the leg from abrasion that may result to small injuries in the flight. The keep the legs warm and shield them from dirt. They also make the flight attendants look flashy and classy.

  1. A Business Keychain

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This is an inexpensive gift for that flight attendant you adore so much. Key chains increase the security of the keys and other tools it has such as bottle openers, family photos or scissors from getting lost. They also avoid wear of her pockets that may be caused by the rubbing of the keys against the pocket cloth.

Key chains allow faster access to the keys and tools as it can be attached to the belt or just carried in the hands. A key chain may have a family photo reminding her of the great connection she share with her family.

  1. Sugar Free Chocolate Bars (how to impress a flight attendant)

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As it is the culture of any flight attendant, it is important to keep that smile up and shinning. This requires proper cleaning of teeth and very keen selection of what she is to take. As so, getting her a sugar free chocolate bar will be an impressing and inexpensive gift for her. This chocolate will not affect her teeth since it has no sugar content in it.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of a flight attendant is also key. These chocolate bars being sugar free will not add excess glucose to their bodies ensuring that their shapes and figures are maintained but will keep her full. They will keep her engaged throughout the flight by biting piece by piece preventing them from getting bored in the long journey.



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